CMRA License

Discover the exhilarating world of motorcycle racing with 3:16 Superbike Camp's CMRA Race License Course, an all-encompassing program designed to equip you with the skills and credentials to compete in CMRA races.


Racing Certification

Experience the thrill of racing with the CMRA by taking our race licensing course, available at all 3:16 Superbike Camp events for an additional cost. This comprehensive course is designed to equip you with the necessary skills, knowledge, and credentials to begin competing in CMRA races. When you enroll in our CMRA race licensing course, you will receive valuable resources, including the CMRA Rule Book, a Prov Nov T-Shirt (yours to keep for races), a mock race at the end of the regular track day, and a Course Completion Certificate.

Take it to the next level

Join us at 3:16 Superbike Camp and enroll in the CMRA Race License Course! At 3:16 Superbike Camp, we are passionate about providing the best motorcycle training and racing experiences. Building upon our mission to deliver enjoyable and usable track time, we are excited to offer the comprehensive CMRA Race License Course, in partnership with the Central Motorcycle Roadracing Association.


To enroll in the CMRA race licensing course, prior track experience and meeting participation requirements are strongly recommended. Obtaining your CMRA Racing License involves several steps:

Upon receiving your Course Completion Certificate, the CMRA will furnish you with detailed guidance, which encompasses supplementary fees, obligations for corner working at two CMRA events, and the successful completion of two provisional novice race weekends. These race weekends necessitate participating in a minimum of two races without any incidents of crashing.

Join us at 3:16 Superbike Camp and embark on an exciting journey towards earning your CMRA Racing License. Our dedicated team of experienced mentors and instructors will support you every step of the way as you pursue your passion for motorcycle racing. Enroll today and get ready to take your racing aspirations to new heights!