Event Types

Welcome to our exhilarating lineup of motorcycle events! We offer two distinct event formats designed to cater to different preferences and skill levels.

Format #1 – The Superbike Camp at COTA (Circuit of the Americas)

This is our flagship event that promises an unforgettable experience. With four groups, each comprising 44 riders, and dynamic 20-minute sessions, you'll have ample opportunity to hone your skills on the renowned track.

  • Love to Ride – Beginner to Intermediate riders: Everyone is welcome, whether it's your first time on the track or you have some experience but are not aiming to "win the track day." We allow courteous passing within the group, and our events are kept uncrowded to provide ample space for you to enjoy your day. As long as you follow "The Golden Rules," you are welcome in this group.
  • Respect the Craft – Intermediate and Up Riders: This group is for riders who are serious about improving their skills, focusing on lap times, and seeking expert-level racers as coaches. Whether you're a solid B group - L2 rider or a novice racer, we can pair you with a mentor who can help you shave off those extra seconds from your lap times.
  • Experienced: This group is intended for riders who have participated in numerous track days, possess solid knowledge of track riding, and do not require intensive coaching. They simply want to enjoy riding. Control riders will be available during the first session for lead-follow. Riders in this group must have a minimum lap time of sub 2:50.
  • Advanced: As the name suggests, this group is exclusively for riders who can achieve a lap time of sub 2:35 at Circuit of the Americas. Riders who are observed to be off pace will be monitored and, if necessary, moved to another group.

Included Services with your Superbike Camp Reservation:

  1. Love to Ride and Respect the Craft: 4:1 Coaching by the most experienced race mentors available at any camp or school.
  2. Video Review of your Training
  3. Garage Space with Power Included
  4. Water and Hydration Team: They provide snacks, water, electrolyte tabs, liquid IV, and in the afternoon, electrolyte ice pops will be delivered.
  5. CMRA Race School Available via Von Hertell Race Services

Format #2 Superbike Camp NON COTA – Events Held at MSR Cresson, MSR Houston, Harris Hill Raceway

Prepare for an exhilarating adventure with two carefully curated groups, accommodating 28-32 riders each. Immerse yourself in invigorating 1-hour sessions, punctuated by rejuvenating 1-hour breaks.

Please note that garages or paddocks are not available for this particular format. Join us as we embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey tailored to enhance your motorcycle prowess and create lasting memories.

  • Group 1: In the "Love to Ride" group, we extend a warm invitation to riders of all levels, from beginners to intermediate enthusiasts. Whether you're new to the track or not seeking to dominate the leaderboard, this group offers a welcoming atmosphere. Expect courteous passing within the group, and enjoy our uncrowded events, ensuring ample space for you to relish the thrill of the day. All riders are welcome, as long as they adhere to our cherished "Golden Rules."
  • Group 2: For those who truly "Respect the Craft," our group caters to intermediate and advanced riders who are passionate about their pursuit of excellence. Lap times become a focal point as you strive for improvement. Our team of expert level racers-turned-coaches stands ready to guide you, whether you belong to the solid B group - L2 riders or are a novice racer. Partnered with a dedicated mentor, you'll uncover ways to shave precious seconds off your lap times.

As part of your Superbike Camp reservation, we provide a range of exceptional services. Both "Love to Ride" and "Respect the Craft" groups enjoy the benefits of 4:1 coaching by the most experienced race mentors available in any camp or school. Additionally, our video review of your training sessions offers valuable insights for refining your skills. While participating at MSR Cresson, you'll have the advantage of covered paddocks, where you can connect with your race mentor and engage with your peer group. Our dedicated water and hydration team ensures your well-being, delivering snacks, water, electrolyte tabs, liquid IV, and delightful electrolyte ice pops during the afternoon. Finally, for those seeking additional opportunities, the renowned CMRA Race School is available.

Prepare for an extraordinary journey of self-improvement and exhilaration at Superbike Camp.